What the Smart Phone Had Done for Business

With new technology available in the public comes new opportunities for business to use it as a new way of making money.

Smartphones are no different in this regard and have not only made existing businesses thrive but even started some new ones as a result.

The business known as Uber is a perfect example of this.  Without smartphones the company likely wouldn’t exist against the violent competition it would cause against Taxi Cab companies.  Without a single phone call, and just a few taps of your fingers against your smartphone screen, you can get an car ride in a matter of minutes.  You couldn’t use it from a laptop computer, or a desktop computer if you wanted too.  It’s incredibly easy to use, trustworthy, and has been the ideal form of travel for just about anyone out of town, or in need of a designated driver.

Even emergency hospitals around the country have looked to the idea of being able to check their wait times to receive urgent care from the smartphone in your pocket!

Another good example of this is a business known as Instacart.  Instacart is a business that provides a service to its customers solely from a smartphone app.  You simply sign up for the service as long as they’re available in your area, and you can have your groceries delivered to you without getting off of the couch within two hours. Continue reading “What the Smart Phone Had Done for Business”

The Transformation of Mobile Computers

As a computer geek of the twenty-first century, it has become apparent that the mobile computer, as well as its definition, is vastly changing.

It was merely a few years ago that I tried to go shopping for a powerful laptop computer that was small, but had the same format as a traditional laptop computer.  I was shocked to find that it was indescribably difficult to track down exactly what I was looking for.  From my observation, it seems like the laptop computer industry has split in half into the two categories known as the “power user,” and “web browser.”

Computer manufacturing companies have discovered that most people today who need a computer they can carry around either just use it for internet browsing or video games.  A computer that can power modern video games effectively is capable of powering just about anything else that requires a more powerful computer.  For that reason, it seems the industry has left them in the same category that you hear more often described as for the “power user.” Continue reading “The Transformation of Mobile Computers”

Is Radio Now a Dead Medium?

With the many new mediums for information, and entertainment available now out in the world today, is radio now a dead medium?

Radio has existed for an outstanding number of years as a major source of both entertainment, and information about what’s going on out in the world today.  It used to be the first place people would hear about major tragedies going on in the country, and now that’s rarely the case.

Everyone has to keep their selves intrigued, and informed somehow, but today it usually occurs from articles they find on their smart phone or social media.  There was a time where people would gather around a radio to either listen to a sports game or simply listen to music on their down time.  Now, in reality, it seems that people will only hear a radio station while driving around from location to location.

With as many people as there are on the road today, it stands to reason that radio is still going to be around for a good long time.  Though it’s not nearly as alive as it used to be, radio stations have had to climb to new heights to keep people listening.  Personally, I cannot hear so much as ten minutes of an FM Radio station without hearing about some contest to get you to keep listening to their station throughout the day.  This decline of radio has caused many ads to be constantly played on the air to stay profitable which has ironically caused a new form of radio to emerge out of the ashes. Continue reading “Is Radio Now a Dead Medium?”

The New Internet Sensation That is ASMR!

In the past few years, mostly on the video website YouTube, there has been a new sensation known as ASMR.

The acronym ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s become such a rising trend of videos that some people now make some of their monthly income off of it.

ASMR is a term used to describe a sensation that some people derive from certain binaural audio sounds.  Not everyone experiences it, but those who do describe as a pleasant tingly sensation running from their scalp down the back of their neck after hearing a particular sound, or visual trigger.  To reproduce it, people put on a set of headphones and seek out videos online that play these sounds or visual triggers that give them these tingly feelings.

You can find more than a few videos online ranging all the way to millions of views that are tagged ASMR in the video title, and description.  The people who create these videos are just everyday people with a video camera, an internet connection, and a very sensitive microphone capable of picking up subtle sounds.  The key part of production is the microphone, and its ability to record separate right side, and left side audio tracks.  Continue reading “The New Internet Sensation That is ASMR!”

The Sudden Rise in Photography in the Past Couple of Decades

Photography today has experienced a huge leap in popularity in more recent years.

It’s almost as if every single person around us in the younger generation has played with it at least a little bit in their time so far.  If you were to ask younger people in public, then you’d likely find that the majority of them have some album online, or saved in their computer that contains their photographic work.

The question of why photography has become so prevalent in the recent years has been a debate among professionals in the industry for years.  To agree with all of them, I think it’s between three simple things introduced to the new generation of today.  The invention of the camera phone, the invention of social media websites, and the development of today’s digital cameras.

Even before “smart phones” existed, cameras have been attached to cell phones for at least a decade now.  The invention of such has made it possible for everyone to have a digital camera in his or her pocket no matter where they go.  Not only is it now an unspoken rule to have on every cell phone in the market today, but for many people the quality of the camera can be a deciding feature.  People used to only have a camera on them for a handful of special occasions throughout the year, but now the invention has put a camera in the hands of people every minute of the week no matter where they’re at. Continue reading “The Sudden Rise in Photography in the Past Couple of Decades”