The Sudden Rise in Photography in the Past Couple of Decades

Photography today has experienced a huge leap in popularity in more recent years.

It’s almost as if every single person around us in the younger generation has played with it at least a little bit in their time so far.  If you were to ask younger people in public, then you’d likely find that the majority of them have some album online, or saved in their computer that contains their photographic work.

The question of why photography has become so prevalent in the recent years has been a debate among professionals in the industry for years.  To agree with all of them, I think it’s between three simple things introduced to the new generation of today.  The invention of the camera phone, the invention of social media websites, and the development of today’s digital cameras.

Even before “smart phones” existed, cameras have been attached to cell phones for at least a decade now.  The invention of such has made it possible for everyone to have a digital camera in his or her pocket no matter where they go.  Not only is it now an unspoken rule to have on every cell phone in the market today, but for many people the quality of the camera can be a deciding feature.  People used to only have a camera on them for a handful of special occasions throughout the year, but now the invention has put a camera in the hands of people every minute of the week no matter where they’re at.

The next thing that gave the photography industry a big boost, as well as many other industries, is the invention of social media.  Between websites like Myspace, and Facebook, the demand for self-portraits as well as other photos have skyrocketed through the roof.  How do they take the majority of these photos you ask?  You guessed it, they take the majority of their social media photos with the digital camera on their cell phone.  Before a website like Facebook, you would only have one, or two photos of yourself a year if even that many.  Now that people have an audience, it’s become a typical social media trope to take a photo of their normal everyday lunch as well as a self-portrait almost every week.

As I said, many people take their photos with the phone in their pockets since it’s the most convenient way to do it.  Although, digital cameras have seen a sudden rise in the past ten years due to the people who decided their phone’s camera enough to take it a step further.  Digital cameras were originally a step backward in quality in comparison to the film-based cameras that existed at the time.  Now that the technology has greatly improved, and their prices have become affordable, it’s become an approachable hobby for everyone.

A camera where ever you go, a website to share your photos with friends, and affordable high quality digital cameras.  It’s an easy three step process to turn photography into something everyone can dabble in.

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