Is Radio Now a Dead Medium?

With the many new mediums for information, and entertainment available now out in the world today, is radio now a dead medium?

Radio has existed for an outstanding number of years as a major source of both entertainment, and information about what’s going on out in the world today.  It used to be the first place people would hear about major tragedies going on in the country, and now that’s rarely the case.

Everyone has to keep their selves intrigued, and informed somehow, but today it usually occurs from articles they find on their smart phone or social media.  There was a time where people would gather around a radio to either listen to a sports game or simply listen to music on their down time.  Now, in reality, it seems that people will only hear a radio station while driving around from location to location.

With as many people as there are on the road today, it stands to reason that radio is still going to be around for a good long time.  Though it’s not nearly as alive as it used to be, radio stations have had to climb to new heights to keep people listening.  Personally, I cannot hear so much as ten minutes of an FM Radio station without hearing about some contest to get you to keep listening to their station throughout the day.  This decline of radio has caused many ads to be constantly played on the air to stay profitable which has ironically caused a new form of radio to emerge out of the ashes.

That form of radio is known as satellite radio.  It’s the same concept except people are paying for a monthly subscription to listen to it without all of the ads, and other marketing that seems to be relentless on the typical FM Radio station.  Not only that, but it’s transmitted through a more reliable source which is described in its title “satellite” radio.  You still get the calls coming into the stations for discussion, and sweepstakes to get you to pick one over the other, but it doesn’t seem nearly as desperate.  It’s a weird way to think that you’re giving money to get music without all of the constant badgerings that a normal radio station has to do to make money.

With all of this information and the fact that the music industry still needs a way for bands to get new music to the public, it’s hard to see radio becoming completely dead shortly.  Although, it is going to change from what the classic radio is today to conform to the way the world is now.  Let’s face it, it’s very unlikely that people are going to listen to the radio anywhere outside of their car the way it is with the many of other options available.  Satellite radio is the first indication of change going to happen with the way they’ve presented their selves as having the customer pay for a better option.

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