What the Smart Phone Had Done for Business

With new technology available in the public comes new opportunities for business to use it as a new way of making money.

Smartphones are no different in this regard and have not only made existing businesses thrive but even started some new ones as a result.

The business known as Uber is a perfect example of this.  Without smartphones the company likely wouldn’t exist against the violent competition it would cause against Taxi Cab companies.  Without a single phone call, and just a few taps of your fingers against your smartphone screen, you can get an car ride in a matter of minutes.  You couldn’t use it from a laptop computer, or a desktop computer if you wanted too.  It’s incredibly easy to use, trustworthy, and has been the ideal form of travel for just about anyone out of town, or in need of a designated driver.

Even emergency hospitals around the country have looked to the idea of being able to check their wait times to receive urgent care from the smartphone in your pocket!

Another good example of this is a business known as Instacart.  Instacart is a business that provides a service to its customers solely from a smartphone app.  You simply sign up for the service as long as they’re available in your area, and you can have your groceries delivered to you without getting off of the couch within two hours.

It’s caused a big surge in the business world, and now many entrepreneurs out there are trying to emulate their success with similar services.  I’ve seen at least a couple here in Texas that will deliver alcohol to your door like a pizza delivery man by shopping for it on your phone.

Pizza delivery men are even sometimes sent off with an order made off of a smartphone app.  Any reputable pizza company such as Papa John’s, or Pizza Hut have seen a vast increase in sales thanks to that same little device in your pocket.  I can only expect that they rarely get an order called in at all at this point.

With all of this being said, it can be agreed on that smart phones have created a business as well as industries that supply jobs to millions now.  They have redistributed where all of the income in the United States, as well as many other parts of the world, go now.  Smartphone application developers their selves didn’t exist just twenty years ago.  Google and Apple have established the platform for any software developer trying to make some money to get rich off of their programming knowledge with a place to both sell and advertise their apps.

Some fear that human communication is dying out, and social anxiety is at it’s high as a result of these new ways to interact with business, but only time can tell for sure.  I can agree that as long as I can do business through a smartphone app, or a website that I’d never conduct it directly with another human being.  We can say for certain that it’s created new work for millions of people now, and in the future, and it’s something worth investing some of your business into.

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